Foam Pool Noodles to Save Your Boots on the Cheap

I only own two pair myself, but many of my female friends could get a ton of mileage off this tip.  Especially with traditional boot storage options starting at $20 a piece compared to a couple bucks for a swimming pool “foam noodle” from your local department store than can be used on several pairs.

Here’s how to protect your boots while you’re not wearing them. That sideways droop is damaging to the fabric, so it’s beneficial to the boot and your pocketbook to use boot stuffers.

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May the Bug Zapper Be With You

Not so clumsy or random as a blaster, this bug killing light saber is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age…

Video after the cut.

Bug-zapping lightsaber built in minutes, ready to fry pests

I have heard the joke several times that a light saber would make a great bug zapper. However, when [Ricky Sumbody] requested it on Facebook, I thought “why not?”. [Ricky] made a common mistake, he thought the bulb was the part that actually zaps the bugs. A quick google search revealed that many people had the same thought. I decide that, even though building a functional bug zapping light saber might not look as …
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Transparent “Glass” Potato Chips

The new favorite snack food of sideshow performers and certain fringe religious groups?  Nothing quite that dangerous, but instead a clever bit of molecular gastronomy involving potato stock, potato starch, and a slow-dried gel.

Glass Potato Chips

Potato chips are boring. Every time I wander the chip aisle of the grocery store, there is some supposedly new twist on the potato chip. Classic. Jalapeno. Terra Blue. Vinegar and salt. Vidalia onion. Ranch. Whatever. Most are a disappointment. Why couldn’t the potato chip be beautiful? A work of art? An architectural design element?

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Make Your Own Seed Blocks and Save a Ton

While a less subversive than “seed bombing”, seed blocks are an excellent way to get planting started.  As the article points out, its not cheap though, so enter the DIY angle.  It’s even appropriate for starting gardeners and children.

Serious gardeners who’ve kept track of their spending know how expensive it can be to purchase peat pots, potting soil, & soil blocks each year. With any sort of plant root bundle packaging, you are forced to buy more polypropylene and labels and trays. There is better way.

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DIY Summer Project, Backyard Fire Pit

Summer is in full swing and that means cooking stuff without the benefit of walls, roofs or electricity.  For most of us this means a metal bucket on wheels (barbecue grill) of some sort, but the folks Food52 have another options for you.  Build your own backyard fire pit.

building fire

Cooking meat in the ground certainly isn’t unique to Mexican cooking, but it has been practiced there for a long, long time. And though the process may seem elaborate, in fact it allows for greater liberty in meal preparation. You dig yourself an oven (a one-time deal), line it with heat-holding …
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