Foam Pool Noodles to Save Your Boots on the Cheap

I only own two pair myself, but many of my female friends could get a ton of mileage off this tip.  Especially with traditional boot storage options starting at $20 a piece compared to a couple bucks for a swimming pool “foam noodle” from your local department store than can be used on several pairs.

Here’s how to protect your boots while you’re not wearing them. That sideways droop is damaging to the fabric, so it’s beneficial to the boot and your pocketbook to use boot stuffers.

Boot stuffers can be as basic as stuffing newspaper down the boot leg, but if you’ve ever tried that, you’ll know how messy and unsatisfactory it is. I’ve seen Inflatable Boot Stuffers advertised in the Avon catalogue priced at $12.95 a pair. I have 2 pairs of boots so that works out at $26. If you’re like my boot fiend friend with 9 pairs, that’s $116.55 in boot storage! Outrageous. The good news is we have here the perfect low-cost answer.



Via Simple Savings

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