Banana Filing Turned on Its Head

Banana filing is not that uncommon; filling a treat, pastry or something with banana, banana cream or whatnot, but this turns the concept around.  Through a the strange sorcery of banana “coring” and injections, you can fill your “boring” banana with all manner of (probably less than healthy) filings.  Translation is a bonus.

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DestapaBanana has a rich story that transformed a simple banana into a dessert with infinite flavors. That’s what makes this story so long and absorbingly interesting.

In every family with a habit of eating bananas there will be DestapaBananas and its fillings. And where there is yet not such habit, DestapaBanana will fill that void and create a new healthy habit.

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This has to do with the qualities any person can see in this nutritious, revolutionary and tasty new concept.

Consumers immediately choose the banana with infinite flavors once they see DestapaBanana and delicious Saboreala fillings.

– Liquid fillings are ideal for preparing and eating in the moment, treating and surprising everyone with the banana of infinite flavors!
– Solid fillings are ideal for use when your banana has been bored from side to side so that no filling is spilled. Also if you are preparing your banana to eat later and take it to work, school, club, anywhere!

Via DestapaBanana

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