That’s No Moon, It’s a Lamp!

Readers of a certain era will appreciate the similarity between this lamp and a certain intergalactic tool of imperial oppression.

Subinay Malhotra’s No.22 lighting series merges natural shapes and materials with modern multifunctional technology to form a collection that’s as organic as it is other-worldly. Crafted from lightweight gypsum, each design can be used a table, floor or pendant lighting accent… but it’s really what’s inside that counts.

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Bucket Lights Bring Instant Greenspace

It is amazing the effect even a few office plants can have to a workspace, so I was delighted to see this clever solution from Roderick Vos. The greener, the merrier, I say.

Roderick Vos

On my opinion the presence of plants bring a positive change to the working environment. Moreover, plants have a positive effect on the sense of wellbeing. Tropical plants emit oxygen, clean the air and increase productivity.

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Super Customizable Peg Wall Shelf

Sometimes it is the simply ideas, well executed, that are the most charming and pleasing.  Sure, you can probably come up with far more efficient uses of spaces, but OOO My Design’s PinPres looks like a delight to arrange and re-arrange.

PinPres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored.  Its the only shelf that will make your kid actually want to clean up and declutter the room!

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Planter Bricks Transform Wall Into Gardens

Talk about a fully integrated “green wall”.

The Planter Bricks are custom designed concrete masonry units that can hold plants and vegetation. The planter bricks have the potential to counter the heat island effect in big cities through evapotranspiration and pollution conversion. The plants in the wall help mediate the temperature of the microclimate surrounding the building, buffer sound and help filter the air.

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Maze Sink Add Mystery to Your Morning Routine

I’m not sure this one is practical (think of the cleaning) but it is a beautiful piece of work. As best I can gather from the automatic translation, it is actually based on the street design of city street map?

From Russian:  Use A topographic map as A basin where the Water Flows through the ducts resembling the River channels. A Wooden Three-dimension basin Representing the Streets of central Part of London. London map Choice Being A tribute to the Fact That IT was England where first Industrial products HAD Appeared back in the XVIII century. Expected to use maps
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