Make Your Own Seed Blocks and Save a Ton

While a less subversive than “seed bombing”, seed blocks are an excellent way to get planting started.  As the article points out, its not cheap though, so enter the DIY angle.  It’s even appropriate for starting gardeners and children.

Serious gardeners who’ve kept track of their spending know how expensive it can be to purchase peat pots, potting soil, & soil blocks each year. With any sort of plant root bundle packaging, you are forced to buy more polypropylene and labels and trays. There is better way.

Garden and home centers seldom offer seedlings or transplant-ready vegetables in soil blocks for practical reasons: root bundles dry out too fast if not surrounded by plastic; plant root bundles can’t be shipped without crumbling unless they are either potted or shrink wrapped (the latest awful design to deal with when transplanting store bought plants is the plastic wrapped root bundle — it sucks to get off without exposing the roots); and, distributors like to have something to print a label and a bar code on.

Via Treehugger


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