Feline Furniture Fabrication

You don’t have to be a cat person to realize how much a feline companion would adore this couch.  Maybe a bit too much. I’m envisioning cat attacks on unsuspecting guests and loungers. 🙂

Korean designer Seungji Mun wanted cat owners to live closer alongside their furry friends, so he integrated this curving tunnel into a couch. He used commercially available pipe and built the rest of the couch from scratch.

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Garden in a Sea Shell

Your garden doesn’t have to be under the sea but can sit nearly on the smallest desk or shelf. I adore these, and with plenty of plants requiring little soil and care, even the blackest thumb can green up their space.

It’s pretty simple from here: put a thumbful of potting soil into the shell, transplant your chosen succulent(s), and voila! an almost-instant itsy-bitsy wonder.

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DIY Tablet Boom Hack From IKEA

Putting aside the argument that you might be spending too much time in bed or with your tablet or both, the e-reader boom from IKEA Hacks is actually a pretty clever piece of work.

– TERTIAL desk lamp
– Exogear Exomount car holder
– Mounting tape
– LED Reading lamp (optional)

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Building the Better Bath With Lego Soaps

Might want to check this one out before the Lego Lawyers get hold it.  I’m of the opinion that nearly everything is better with Legos, and don’t think kids are the only one who might get a kick out of these.

Lego Glycerin Soap Party Favors

This listing is for 24 legos that measure 1×1.75″ and weigh approximately .75 ounce. These make great birthday party favors. They are made of glycerin soap and kids love them. They come in the primary colors plus pink and purple.

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Is That A Chainsaw In Your Pocket Or…

Nope, its just a chainsaw, a DIY one courtesy of the Instructable community. I’ve seen many commercially made versions of these and they vary greatly from a piece of piano wire with metal rings on the ends to truly impressive lengths of chainsaw blade that look like the unholy love child of Indiana Jone’s whip and a Terminator.  This version leans towards the latter and looks like a neat project.

Pocket Chainsaw

The chainsaw…awesome for cutting down trees, taking out brush super duper quick, and fighting off zombies. The only thing is a chainsaw is big…and rather heavy. Definitely not pocket sized. …
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