Tiny Landscapes at Your Fingertips

These tiny landscape carved on to rings are utterly charming.  Tempted to break out the carving tools and try my luck at some local skylines.

A Tiny Landscape on Your Finger: Birch Rings by Clive Roddy in style fashion  Category

Each ring is laser cut, then painted with a durable enamel finish to make sure they stay polished and fresh. You can wear the rings alone, or even together to create a mini landscape on your hands.

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Pencil Blades For Precision Marking

These sharp, pun intended, looking box-cutter format blades are actually pencil leads.  Insert them in your favorite utility knife and you’re ready for some precision marking.


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Google’s Official Android Phone Drops in Price AGAIN!

Google, you’re killing me with the love!  Your direct, unlocked, pure Android phone with no bloatware or contract just dropped in price again. This time to $349 which is unheard of for a non-contract unlocked phone of this calibre (compare Galaxy SIII at $600).

Galaxy Nexus is the first phone with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean. With Jelly Bean, the world’s most popular mobile platform gets even better. More intuitive, easier to customize, and faster than ever, Jelly Bean makes your device simple, beautiful and beyond smart. With Nexus, you get the latest updates packed with fresh features directly from Google.…
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Light Trail Dresses

Very beautiful and ephemeral effect created with light trails.  I’m not entirely sure how much is actual light trail from photography and how much is enhancement with Photoshop,  but the effect is gorgeous. I only wish there were a way to do this as a persistent effect visible to the human eye.

Atton Conrad

Atton Conrad is a London based photographer who creates these ethereal light-trail images enhanced with photoshop magic. I love the ephemeral quality of his light dresses and thought his work served as a great source of inspiration for interactive fashion.

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Tiring Carving

Sure, they won’t get you much mileage, traction or a smooth ride, but they do qualify as some exceptionally cool upcycled works of art.

Carved Tires by Wim Delvoye

It’s hard to believe that each one of these used car tires is hand-carved by Belgium artist Wim Delvoye. The collection of tires features intricate pattern work with various motifs, like floral and Art Deco. He does an incredible job working with the original shape of each tire when designing each pattern. I can’t imagine how much time and patience each one took.

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