Building Up Steam for Android

Mystech:  So many “out of steam” jokes  possible here, but serious, am I to understand you can’t actually buy or play the games. Am I missing a big something or is this a big WTF?

If you’re a PC gamer, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve used Steam. For those not familiar, Steam is a platform that was designed by Valve to make buying, downloading and playing games as easy as possible. With great sales and plenty of features, there are few reasons not to use it. One of my only complaints is that Valve has yet to release a companion app for any mobile platforms. Thankfully, one company has decided to release their own unofficial app for Android devices.

Steam for Android appears to be a pretty complete experience, allowing you to do practically everything that the PC client can. Well, except actually buying and playing games, that is. You can check your achievements, look at the current sales, see what your friends are doing, and more. I still wouldn’t mind seeing an official app from Valve that added chat and the ability to buy games, but this one is nice in the meantime.

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