Treadwall Brings the Climbing Experience Home

Rock or wall climbing is a lot of fun and has not shortage of enthusiasts, but like many forms of exotic exercise, you have to go to a special facility or location to engage it.  The Treadmill wall, while not small or cheap, at least removes that obstacle.

A full 6 feet

The M6 Treadwall is based on 20 years of design and research into the rotating climbing wall. The newest incarnation of our original product has every feature that we could stuff in, including legendary durability. For fun, and for serious training, the past two decades has seen the treadwall put to multiple uses throughout the world.


Cross training in particular has never been easier, lower the M6 to the full -12 degree angle and work all the muscles in your arms shoulders and core at once. Change the angle to +12 degree and get your hips, legs, core, and balance dialed to perfection. Find the most comfortable angle for you and get a continuous aerobic burn everywhere, at once. Whatever your motives are this rotating climbing wall has enough space at 6 feet wide and 10 or 11 feet high to let you roam.


Available in two configurations, freestanding or wallmount, the M6 doesn’t take up a ton of space. The freestanding M6 can even be fitted with casters to provide easy movement through your gym affording you as much space as you require. The wallmount unit sits tight to the wall freeing up valuable floor space while still allowing you to cruise at a +5 or -5 degree angle. Or, get the external upgrade and trailer option and take your treadwall to the moon!

Via Brewer’s Ledge, Inc.


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