Folding Flat Pack Hideaway Mouse

The optical drive may be dying off according to some, but I still get quite a lot of mileage off of mine and would hate to see it go.  Not sure this will work in slot-fed drives, but I love the ingenuity of this stowaway mouse for laptop users.

I know the tech companies are doing their best to come out with a mouse that is sleek and compact enough to compliment a laptop. However I am sure most of you will agree with me that a full bodied mouse is what our hands crave, when we work one with a laptop. So to address the issue or portability and keep with the demand of a fully functional mouse, we have here the Flat CD Mouse Concept.

When its flat-packed it fits into the CD ROM drive and when you fold it (origami style), it converts into a fully functional mouse. Love it and want it NOW!

Via IfDesign


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