Transform Prints And Images Into Fashion

It almost boggles the imagination at the number of possibilities, ranging from the whimsical, to social statements, to personal fashion.

CONSTRVCT is truly interactive, user generated fashion. It’s a web-based collection where you can make your own designs. Turn photos into beautifully distinctive styles. We make your design with digital textile printing and sew it in your size in the highest quality. Every design is uniquely made to order.

Mary wears a photo Jenna took in Barcelona, from the colorful stained glass of the Sagrida Famila.

We’re building the website as fast as we humanly can. At the same time we’re also testing the fabric printing and sizing, and minding the details on packaging design, etc. We’ll also be wearing and washing our own product, so to report to you the best and most accurate care instructions. In short, the Kickstarter funds will allow us to finish design and testing and get the first custom made designs out the door!

An infinite number of possibilities! Art, maps, architecture, landscapes...


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