Home Mead, I Mean Made

I’m more cider and hard liquor sort of guy, but I advocate home, recreational brewing as a basic right so bottoms up mead fans. 🙂

honey mead

Now you can use your own honey, or store-bought honey, to make mead, a unique low-alcohol honey wine and one the world’s oldest fermented beverages. The kit is created exclusively for us by Elizabeth Ryan, an award-winning cider maker who has made appearances at the James Beard House. Just follow the simple directions and in four to six weeks you can enjoy your first batch.

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Pearl Oyster in a Can

Your chances of finding a pearl in a oyster in the wild are pretty slim, but this pearl kit keeps the wonder while avoiding the endless “shucking”.  Don’t worry though, the oyster is preserved (not edible) and won’t arrive smelling up your mailbox.

Now you can experience the excitement and satisfaction of making your own pearl necklace — beginning with an actual oyster! You get everything you need in this remarkable Farm Your Own Pearl Kit. Your kit starts with an actual oyster preserved in a see-through can. Also included is a special necklace with an empty pendant.

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Pill Bottle Survival Kit Packs the Bare Essentials

Just the sort of thing to tuck away into a purse, commuter bag or other luggage until you need it.

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