Pearl Oyster in a Can

Your chances of finding a pearl in a oyster in the wild are pretty slim, but this pearl kit keeps the wonder while avoiding the endless “shucking”.  Don’t worry though, the oyster is preserved (not edible) and won’t arrive smelling up your mailbox.

Now you can experience the excitement and satisfaction of making your own pearl necklace — beginning with an actual oyster! You get everything you need in this remarkable Farm Your Own Pearl Kit. Your kit starts with an actual oyster preserved in a see-through can. Also included is a special necklace with an empty pendant.

You begin by using a special little tool (included) to pry open your oyster. Be warned — The oyster might be stubbon and unwilling to give up its treasure. You may have to work for it. Once you get the shell open, inside you will find a real pearl. It might be white, crea, or peach in color. There’s even a chance you’ll discover a rare peach or black pearl inside.

Remove the pearl, wipe it off, and insert it in the pendant. And there you have it — a pretty pearl neckalce you made all yourself. (okay, with a little help from the oyster).


Via Baron Bob


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