Real Podlings

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Careful now. It’s just one small step from “cradle pods” to Matrix style human battery pods.

You know how they call people who listen to iPods all the time Podlings? I’ve got a new definition for podlings for your right here. And it’s not nearly so silly! It’s much cooler! This one’s defined by a napping space for small children. It’s made of steel AND lacquered steel, each pod oriented in accord with its distance from the ground. Each pod to each baby, for each baby a different pod.

Pods near the ground are for the bigger babies and are turned a bit more sideways so they can get out when they want to go play with a bunch of toys. Up higher, and tipped toward the ceiling a bit more for reduced chance of falling out, these pods are for the smaller babies.

*I must comment here that these would almost certainly not be safe for tiny babies. They’re really supposed to sleep on a flat surface with either no blanket or a sort of sack-like apparatus. No suffocatsies or the instant death of babies!

Designer: Caterina Tiazzoldi
Team: Monica Pianosi and Andrea Balzano

Napping Pod by Caterina Tiazzoldi, Monica Pianosi, and Andrea Balzano


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