Folding Minimalist Nightstand

I’d love one of these to keep my essentials at hand. It’s work great on my otherwise profile-less MALM.  My only fears is the roving, chewing machine (aka dog).

Urban Shelf Urban Shelf was built for small spaces

Whether you’re in a dorm room, a first apartment, or a starter home, we know you’ve experienced life in a small space. (And how that small space gets even smaller once our board game collection moves in… and the bookcases get stocked…) All we need is a tiny shelf next to our bed to hold our e-reader, phone, and glasses. It would be awesome if this shelf also held our cords …
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Versatile Banister and Deck Rail Tray

The clever folks at Torafu Architects in Japan have designed this surprisingly simple folding tray that looks like it could be temporarily attached to a variety of rails and banisters without the need for nails or screws.  Just the thing for summer patio picnics or a bit of extra horizontal space when working on your patio.

Sky Deck is a mini patio designed by Torafu Architects.

Translated:  Ishinomaki workshop is “A place for local manufacturing,” in Ishinomaki was devastated by the tsunami, which was established by the participants with a focus on the designer. This product is commercialized by his cooperation with the workshop, will be produced by the handiwork
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Folding Speakers Give Your Gadget Audio Oomph On the Go

I love my phone and tablet and the portable entertainment and presentation options they give me, but frankly, even the best of these devices suffer from the practical limitation of small speakers… tinny and boxy sound once the headphones are off.  Lugging around portable speakers defeats the purpose of that portable, which is why I love this ingenious concept by Design Affairs.

FYLM is a foldable speaker that goes anywhere you want it to go!  Just millimeters thick, the flexible form can be folded and tucked away into any pocket, notebook or handbag for convenience. Simply unfold it and connect …
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Folding Laundry For People Who Hate Folding Laundry

I am well aware not everyone shares my eerie love of freshly washed, folded and/or ironed laundry, but there is hope…

This laundry and shirt Flip Folding Board will save you time & make your life easier in many ways. This product is designed to let you fold a shirt in seconds with 6 simple steps. It keeps the shirts crisp with tight folds and creases without you worrying how it will look when worn. Features ventilated panels that reduce static cling and pull back affect. Your kids will finally stop whining about folding laundry especially the shirts and tee-shirts …
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