Sidewinder Cranks Out Clean Water

I still think UV purifiers have some fundamental problems (who wants to drink sterile mud?), but I do like the self-powered angle here. I wonder what the lifetime & replace-ability of the UV bulb and other elements is.

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Even though sterilizing water is not hard, SteriPEN’s Sidewinder is a nifty alternative to boiling or using iodine pills to sterilize water.

Green geeks will like the idea of sterilizing water using UV light. Holding one-liter of water, Sidewinder has a hand crank on the side and a UV-light-bulb inside. Turning the crank powers on the bulb, blasting the water with germ-killing UV. An LED indicator on the front flashes green when the sterilization is complete and the water is safe to drink.

Whether out camping, traveling, or just anal about your home tap water, the Sidewinder is easy way to to just be sure.

Priced at $99.95, Sidewinder will be available online and in stores in September.

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