Folding Laundry For People Who Hate Folding Laundry

I am well aware not everyone shares my eerie love of freshly washed, folded and/or ironed laundry, but there is hope…

This laundry and shirt Flip Folding Board will save you time & make your life easier in many ways. This product is designed to let you fold a shirt in seconds with 6 simple steps. It keeps the shirts crisp with tight folds and creases without you worrying how it will look when worn. Features ventilated panels that reduce static cling and pull back affect. Your kids will finally stop whining about folding laundry especially the shirts and tee-shirts you and they hate folding. It will make you proud of how organized and professional your shelves and drawers look, and you won’t be embarrassed from yourself, family or from your mother in law (LOL) when they look at your closet.

Your stuff will be in tip top shape all the time. You might even start enjoying the folding process for a change. You can keep this board neatly stored in your laundry room or any closet and it takes up close to ZERO space.

Made out of tough and soft plastic; never needs any maintenance, very easy to clean if needed. You owe this item to yourself! You can also give this item as a gift to anyone and they won’t stop thanking you. It is truly an amazing laundry accessory and a must for every mom, housewife or homemaker. You can search for videos of this product on the web and see for yourself.

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