Ultimate Storage Sofa

As practical as this may seem, I’ve been informed by my partner that under no circumstance can I have this monstrosity in “our” home.  Ah well.


Very cool-looking contraption in the Eastpak Sofa, a bizarre piece of furniture that packs more storage space than you ever thought possible into one three- or four-seater that would look just as good in your living room as it would in a shop, den, or man-cave.

This special edition piece of furniture incorporates a rigid-yet-comfortable polyurethane foam with cordura for an experience that is rustic, comfortable, and convenient. The only problem that you may encounter when using the Eastpak Sofa is forgetting what pocket you’ve hidden the iPad or remote control in. The seat, the sides – who knows? Comes in a rich and gorgeous fiery red, or for those of you with less adventurous design tastes, a solid black that pretty much goes with everything.

Via InStash


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