Glow In The Dark Pebbles Light Your Way

Hansel and Gretel would never had all the navigation problems in the forest that led them astray if they’d marked their path with these!

Glow In The Dark Pebbles want to light up your life

Glow-in-the-dark pebbles mark a path or highlight a flower bed. 100 piece set Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique acrylic pebbles. After being exposed to daylight, these pebbles glow in the dark. Glow lasts approximately two to three hours after full sun exposure. These are a flat marble size and are made of a poly resin material.

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Bacon Flavored Bubble Machine, For Dogs (Maybe)

I’ve never met a dog that didn’t eat soap bubbles, either to the delight or frustration of the children blowing them.  By making them bacon scented you aren’t going to discourage that reaction but you may make yourself a lifelong canine friend.

In this package, you’ll receive: 1 x Bubbletastic dog bubble machine 4 x Bubbletastic 8 oz. bacon bubble refill bottles Instructions Did you know? Dogs L-O-V-E popping bubbles! Yep, it’s true. Dog’s just can’t get enough of bubbles. Popping them, chasing them, pouncing on them and chomping them! Well, who can blame them when the dog bubbles are …
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Take Lazy to A New Level With Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Because I simply don’t have the energy to stir my morning coffee, before I’ve had my morning coffee…

Self Stirring Mug


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Android Audubon Apps On Sale for Earth Day

I bought their Trees apps a few weeks ago on sale and really enjoyed it.  While there is room for improvement, I really like the idea of digitizing the Audubon books (which I’ve always enjoyed immensely).  Their original price point of $9.99 always struck me as a bit steep, but at 50% this will probably push me over the edge on picking up more of them.

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Amazon Kindle Fire For Only $139, Today Only

Been looking to take the eBook/tablet plunge but found the prices a bit to steep?  Today only (2012-03-29), Amazon is offering refurbished Android tablet and Kindle reader, the Kindle Fire for $139.  These come with a one-year warranty.  If I didn’t own a tablet already, I would be tempted to take the plunge myself.  Link to deal after the cut. UPDATE: Looks like they are all gone. Hope you got yours!

Kindle Fire: upright, angled view

Save $30 on a Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire. Each Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire is a pre-owned Kindle Fire that has been refurbished, tested, and is certified to look and …
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