Canon Camera Lens Mug

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This is all well and good until you pour a steaming cup of coffee into your real telephoto lens one bleary eyed morning.

Canon Camera Lens Mug (Images courtesy Photojojo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Always dreamt of consuming liquids from your photography gear? Every camera owner must have at one point in their life, so if you missed out on that Canon Zoom Lens Thermos this Canon Lens Mug is not only way easier to get your hands on, but it will only cost you $24 from Photojojo. I know, a little pricey for a mug that doesn’t proclaim you the ‘world’s greatest somethingorother’, but it looks exactly like a Canon 24-105mm lens complete with lens cap lid, rubber focus wheel and a ‘working’ auto-focus switch. May or may not also include Canon’s revolutionary optical beverage stabilization technology, I’m going to look into that further.

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