Bacon Flavored Bubble Machine, For Dogs (Maybe)

I’ve never met a dog that didn’t eat soap bubbles, either to the delight or frustration of the children blowing them.  By making them bacon scented you aren’t going to discourage that reaction but you may make yourself a lifelong canine friend.

In this package, you’ll receive: 1 x Bubbletastic dog bubble machine 4 x Bubbletastic 8 oz. bacon bubble refill bottles Instructions Did you know? Dogs L-O-V-E popping bubbles! Yep, it’s true. Dog’s just can’t get enough of bubbles. Popping them, chasing them, pouncing on them and chomping them! Well, who can blame them when the dog bubbles are BACON SCENTED!

If you think your dog isn’t interested in bubbles…just wait till he sees a massive storm of bacon bubbles coming at him. Ha, we dare to find the dog that can resist such a temptation. Dogs LOVE popping these colorful, bacon-scented bubbles! You’ll be amazed how long this bubble machine keeps dogs entertained, whether in the backyard or at the dog park. If your dog has lost interest in boring old squeaky toys and fetch sticks, then this is the toy your pooch has been waiting for! It’s a simple fact, dogs love bubbles! And the Bubbletastic bacon bubble machine blows so many bubbles your dog will be jumping at the chance to pop them all!

Dogs just can’t resist the bacon smell of these fun, colorful bubbles! This is definitely the best bubble toy for dogs – no bones about it! Just pour the bubble solution into the machine, turn it on and sit back while this interactive dog toy blows bubbles, bubbles and yes more bacon bubbles to your anxiously awaiting pooch. Bubbletastic bacon bubbles are 100% non toxic, tear free and safe for dogs and kids. You’ll love watching your pooch run, jump and pounce trying to pop them!

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