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If price is no option, you can finally have a low-power draw heater/AC for your “roughing it” cabin… or larper haven, if that is your thing. 😉

If you live in a small space you need a way to heat and cool the space one way is through efficient space heaters. Todd Erend contacted me about his company called Climate Right and they have recently developed a heating/cooling unit made specifically for small spaces. I am going to let Todd tell you more about it.

There is now a solution for heating and cooling small enclosures economically and easily. A company called Tacom Limited in Columbus, Ohio, manufactures and distributes this unit, which they call Climate Right.

The unit runs on standard wall socket (extension cord) power and pulls so little energy that they say you can let it run 24/7 for a cost of about $10/month. Climate Right both heats and cools, and also dehumidifies any small indoor or outdoor enclosure up to 9′ by 9′.

You set it down, turn it on, set the temperature and that is about it. The unit recycles the room air, and heats or cools it to about the temperature you want it.

The unique thing about Climate Right is that it is made specially for small spaces, and both heats and cools. It can be set automatically keep steady the environment. You do not need to oversee it, or constantly adjust it. Other heaters or air conditioners either overpower the space, or are not reliable to leave alone.

This unit is safe (no risk of getting too hot) and eco-friendly (no flourocarbon emissions). The company says it can operate continuosuly for less than $10/month, so it is economical. The manufacuturer offers a one-year warranty on all parts and replacement if anything goes wrong.

To get the full details and learn if this is the right heater/cooler for you go to the Climate Right website.

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