A Good Cup of Coffee Raises Your Spirit

This might be taking the spirit-lifting effects of a tasty beverage a bit too literally, but I think these cups are delightful.


The factory will also need to produce the production molds for the mug and handle as well.  If the project is really popular, I may consider offering color options if the manufacturing process easily allows for it. It’s my understanding that during the glazing process, maintaining the mug in a hanging position in extreme temperatures complicates the traditional process of making a porcelain mug. For this project to be successful, I will need a minimum order of 500 units. My goal is to have these shipped right before Christmas.

After a great deal of research, I managed to find and work with a manufacturer in China to create the original prototype mugs for me, which I’ve been using for the past few years. Once I had the mugs in hand, I was content with having them for personal use. Overtime, I’ve had a good amount of individuals ask me where I bought my mug, and for the longest time I’ve always told them that it’s a one of kind.

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