NY Times Cutting Off Free Online Access

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Bookmarking so I can load it up in a couple years and ponder exactly “Who was the New York Times?” Look guys, new media is here. Try as some might (looking at you anti Net Neutrality lobbyists) that Genie doesn’t want to go back in the bottle.

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The New York Times today announced a “significant transition" in its monetization strategy. On March 28th, the paper of record–which has been struggling in recent years, along with the rest of the journalistic world–will be moving toward digital subscriptions. 

The site will continue to offer up 20 free articles a month to non-subscribers, walling off content beyond that–though the site won’t block content to single articles accessed via blogs, search, and sites like Facebook and Twitter.
The Times will continue to offer up free access to Top News through smartphone and tablet apps, but will require users to subscribe to access additional content. The paper is offering up three different subscription packages and will continue to provide free access to all content and apps for those who subscribe to the physical paper. 
No doubt anticipating backlash from readers accustomed to free content, the letter from publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. quick went on the defensive, asking readers to view the move “as an investment in The Times, one that will strengthen our ability to provide high-quality journalism to readers around the world and on any platform.”

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