Daily Gift: Design Your Own Laptop Case with Caseable

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If it is worth the premium, this is a nice way to stand out from the legion of black, ballistic nylon bags marching to the office

caseable.jpgDon't you just hate getting (and giving) gifts that are super impersonal? There are only so many journals or bath soaps you can own in a lifetime. If you don't want to get your friend or family member another gift card this year because you want to get them something that actually means something to them, then there are ways to personalize products that are normally impersonal — take a laptop bag, for instance. You could go to the Apple Store or Best Buy and buy a generic laptop case if you want, or, you could decide to use your own design to keep your loved-one's computer safe, while still maintaining that person's style.

caseable, a small Brooklyn-based startup company, allows you to design your own laptop cases (Timbuk2-style). caseable lets you design every part of your laptop sleeve: front, back, zipper, side, and handle. You can choose solid colors, pre-loaded photos and designs, or you can upload your own photos. Shown above, I uploaded my own photo from colorful Colorado, changed the zipper color to maroon, and the side to green, and the handle to orange, and voila! Plus, it was extremely easy to do.

You can choose from a multitude of sizes, including Mac 13-inch to Mac 17-inch, as well as Mac Air, and then from PC 10.1-inch to PC 17-inch (iPad is on its way). Then, in terms of width, you can choose from classic or slim. I tried building a few different laptop bags, and no matter what options I changed, it always came out to $69.90. Yes, this is a little expensive for a laptop bag, but how many laptop bags do you have with your cute dog’s face on it? Not many, I assume.

And, according to the site, caseable is now offering free shipping for a limited time. 

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