Adding Some Bling to the Titanium Spork

The folks at Triple Aught Design have added some beauty to that mainstay of minimalist hikers and campers, the titanium spork.  Using a laser engraving technique on the sporks the add a hip skull design to the of respected titanium products manufacturer, Snow Peak.  I own one of the former’s nesting, titanium cookware sets. I wonder if they could do a custom patter and how much it would set me back?

We partnered with our friends at Snow Peak to bring you a new batch of T-Skull Titanium Sporks. A versatile companion, the humble spork can single-handedly replace the utensils in your mess kit. This longer version provides extra leverage for use as a cutting tool. Weighing only .6 oz, these lightweight titanium sporks have been laser engraved with our distinct T-Skull logo to enhance grip.

Laser Engraved T-Skulls

Cutting down to the bare minimum ounces or perhaps need a spork for the little one?  Check out the “short spork” below. How cute is that?

Via Triple Aught Design



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