Suitcase that Suits You

So much for the subtle travelers trick of tying a colored ribbon on the handle or something similar.  SuitSuit abandons that approach for a bolder approach to spotting your luggage on the airport carousel. Now… if only I could submit my own designs.

suitsuitcases small SuitSuit Cases guarantee that your baggage stands out on the conveyor belt

Are you a frequent flyer, planning a trip soon, or just want to be prepared in case the travel bug bites? Well you don’t need to be Marco Polo or Magellan to appreciate a good piece of luggage. Whether it’s holding exotic natural specimens, bars of cursed Incan gold or just your unmentionables and some duty free; the new SuitSuit Cases will keep everything safe and sound.

These beautifully finished designs will make you stand out from the crowd at the luggage carousel, and attract the attention of airport staff for all the right reasons. Unlike that unfortunate dash through Gatwick last year; involving a goat, some lingerie and half the Welsh football team.

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