Minimum Book System

Minimal with a light industrial touch, I like the way this twist shelving puts the emphasis on what is on the shelves. Not sure if furniture from Milan is in my budget, but the design does have me looking at DIY version. Time for a trip to Home Depot!

Minimumbook gives you the freedom to organize your own spaces as you wish, thanks to a modular system that offers endless combinations and customizations. It changes as you want to, leaving you the possibility to add spaces, to modify forms and functions whenever you need it.

Minimumbook, with its neat and linear design, fits perfectly in everyone’s home, either in the living area or in the relax area, it is also ideal for offices as well as stores, combining functionality and beauty. Minimumbook allows you to design your own interiors following your needs and desires, to order directly on our website and to assemble your shelving autonomously. Minimumbook in sensible to the environment: the wood used for its shelves comes from naturally deceased oak trees maturated in their forest of origin.

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