Floating Self Sustainable City

I was tempted to title with “What is Waterworld required LEED certification?”.

Inspired by Noah who saved all of the plants and animals from a global flood, Aleksandar Joksimovic and Jelena Nikolic envisioned a modern and sustainable ark capable of supporting all life in the event of a natural disaster. Their innovative water world would support life on terraced fields, grow food, collect rainwater, generate its own power and is engineered to withstand all forms of water-based disasters. Noah’s Ark is part of the 2012 eVolo Skyscraper Competition and received an honorable mention for its many unique features.


Solar, wind and ocean energy are harvested to generate power for the floating city, while rainwater is collected from all the surfaces for use within. Underwater turbines could capture tidal energy and all of the surfaces would be covered in artificial coral to encourage sea life. The sides of these artificial islands are tall enough to protect the interiors from severe storms or tsunamis. In the event of a major storm or impending disasters, the inhabitants can retreat to air-filled bubbles inside the depths of the islands for protection. Each ark features residences, offices, farmland, animal preserves, energy generation capabilities, and recreational spaces.

Via Inhabitat


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