Mini Motion Detector Lighting for Camping

If you’ve ever camped out in the back country, you know there are a lot of odd noises in the middle of the night.  Most of the time its me tromping off into the wood-line in the dark looking for a place to… Well, never mind.  There’s also security/warning from two and four legged visitors.

Mini Motion Detection Camp LED Light

Mini Motion Detection Camp LED Light. Handy little LED light with motion detection built in. Battery powered by 3 standard AA batteries so it can be located anywhere in camp.

Use for extra security in camp. Know that someone (or something) is coming when the light illuminates. Light up tent lines and camp hazards at night. Set a few on trees down the trail for early warning when someone or something is coming.

Inexpensive ! Small and cheap enough to be able to deploy several in a perimeter. Features:

• Motion Detection Range 25 – 30 feet (good battery, human sized object, mounted horizontally 4′ above ground)

Via goFastandLight

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