Crafter Creates Tiny Worlds in Bottles

The world can be yours… for a price. Etsy crafter with the apt name, tinyworldinabottle, handcrafts these delightful and whimsical vignettes inside tiny glass bottles slightly bigger than a human thumbnail. Check out the wide variety of scenes they have created.

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I make architectural models professionally. I use these skill and free time to create these bottles. “Tiny World in a Bottle” object. When I have time during making architectural models, I imagine new creation, make it and put in the bottle. Sometimes I make something different from bottles stuff but most of time they are tiny.

Tiny trees with a couple & family in four seasons in a tiny bottle in a small cute case

Please feel free to ask me if you have ANY questions…

Please let me know if you would like to buy some of sold items!
It may take a while but I could make another one as soon as possible if possible!!

Tiny Viking Ship in the ocean is in a tiny bottle  -Bottle ship-

Via Etsy

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