Flint Knapping Community Offers Free How-to PDF

Fans of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire will instantly recognize the benefits of learning flint knapping.  But that piece of geek trivia aside, flint knapping is one of those primitive skills that is mostly done for enjoyment and art/craft.  While I doubt it will come in handy except in the rarest of survival situations, it is somehow pleasing to know skills that allowed man to survive and prosper for some 2.5 million years are being preserved.

The flint knapping community is as generous with its time and expertise as any enthusiast group I know. Case in point, this excellent resource from knapper Mike Lynn, who has compiled more than 340 pages (from many contributors) of very well-written and -photographed know-how touching on all aspects of their art, published as freely-downloadable PDFs

The entire series is also available as a single document. Thanks to Mike and all the books’ contributing authors for sharing with us. Flint Knapping Info – Free eBooks Via MAKE

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