Create Instant Screen Control and File Copying Across the Mac / Windows Divide

Mystech:  Although most of the time a well configured network can do the trick, if you one one machine or the other and find yourself interfacing with other system frequently and don’t want the hassle of shuffling thumb drives back and forth, this clever little gadget may have your name all over it. 

The Wormhole Switch from company J5Create does something most of us simply assumed couldn’t be done: easily transferring files between PCs and Macs. No need for a network, no need for drivers or to screw around with settings. You simply plug one end of the Wormhole cable into a USB port on each machine, and you’re done. You can even control the pointer of one computer with the mouse of the other.

They immediately behave a little like one giant screen, with the pointer seamlessly scrolling from one screen to the other; file transfer is then a simple matter of drag and drop. Now, I say Mac to PC, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be limited to that: PC/PC, Mac/Mac. It’s a useful tool to carry around with your laptop; just think of how many times you’ve wanted to share a file with your friends and not done so for lack of an easy way to do it.

It’s $40 and available at Fry’s and MicroCenter.

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