Inflatable Igloo for the Sad State of the Climate

So erratic weather swings have put a damper on your annual igloo party. Don’t give up hope! You can still enjoy yourselves while the weather goes down the drain with an inflatable igloo!

The inflatable and another zippbaren Eventiglus with diameters of 13 and 8 yards are year-round use. They are particularly suitable for cocktails, dinner, parties, presentations, training sessions, enlargements or other local events of every kind, the “Iglounge” is the perfect attraction even at trade shows. And best of all: the sun brings the “Iglounge” determined not to melt!

The Iglounges are …

  • anytime, anywhere
  • quickly and easily set up and put away again
  • expeditiously and inexpensively because of simple assembly and disassembly
  • a location that meets the eye and can be customized
  • convertible by the light shining through walls like a chameleon
  • by a brilliant sense of space, especially when the Zusammenzippen Iglounges
  • the unique event location, at YOUR desired destination to request YOUR time!

Via Iglounge (German)

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