Famitsu April 22nd Issue: Alpha Test Sneak Peek

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FFxiv More of the same with less pictures.

I’ll just put this up here for now and add some scans later. This translation about Famitsu’s alpha test was brought to you by Aya! Don’t forget to check out the Gobbie Bag post and our translation of Famitsu’s website article!

Alpha Test Sneak Peek!

Alpha test as well as Beta test is operated to improve the product and strengthen the stability of the service. This article will focus on the Alpha test to study the fundamental parts of Final Fantasy XIV!

Character Making which could Take you Whole
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The Apple-Adobe War Escalates: Using Flash to Build iPhone Apps Banned

Today, Apple revised its iPhone Developer Program License Agreement to effectively ban the use of the Flash-to-iPhone converter.

Throughout 2010, Steve Jobs and Apple made it very clear that they do not like Adobe. At all. They prominently left Flash off the iPad, instead promoting HTML5 at every opportunity.

For some time now, though, Adobe’s had a tool to circumvent Apple’s ban on Flash for the iPhone and iPad: the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Flash-to-iPhone converter, which would have allowed developers to create apps in Flash and then port them over into iPhone.

The new change to the iPhone Developer …
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Famitsu Site Updates: Developer Q&A, Battle

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So, here is a very informative article about FFxiv and some of the systems that are being tested. The one I am most excited by was : “Aside from a few exceptions, most moves were useable cross-class, and the moves were still pretty strong even when used by a different class, so this will probably really open up character development”


Famitsu’s website came out with a couple articles last night (Japan time).

The first is an interview with the developers about alpha and other aspects of the game, and the second is about battle. Hope you …
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Famitsu site update, Alpha Impressions!

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FFxiv Info released from the Alpha/Beta

Morning, Corians! Final Fantasy XIV alpha testing started on April 8th, and Famitsu has their first impressions up and ready for a reading! I’ll be updating this as I get it translated, and our lovely staff will be putting the pictures up in their respective places in the translation. Please enjoy this hands-on account of what we’ve all been waiting for!

Source is Famitsu’s website. The writer is Opone Kikuchi, the same person who answered the interviews in Connect!On.

Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Test Begins
First impressions

Posted Image

The alpha test for …
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iSuppli: iPad’s Actual Cost is $260

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Dont forget there is a Labor cost to actually build it. but still, this is kinda normal for Production and cost for stuff like this. I don’t think Apple is too out of line with their price. but nice to know the actual cost.

You’re paying at least $499 for the iPad, but what’s the actual cost of its parts? According to analytics company iSuppli, approximately half of that amount.

iSuppli estimates that the total cost of iPad WiFi (not the 3G-enabled model, which will be arriving to the market later this month) is $259.60. As far …
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