4Gamer.net Graphics, Controls, and Music article

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FFxiv news! A lot of new info. lots of really good screens too!

When it rains, it pours! The alpha news flood continues with this article from 4Gamer.net. This time, they focus on the graphics, controls, and music. The entire first paragraph is dedicated to reminding everyone that the game is still in Alpha version and these things will most likely change, so I’d like to take this point to remind you that Final Fantasy XIV is still in its Alpha version and these things will most likely change.

Translation by Aya and Stevemanly. Source is 4Gamer.net…
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Facebook Fans Valued at $3.60 Each [STATS]

Facebook LogoAccording to a new study released by social media management company Vitrue, Facebook Fans are valued at $3.60 a piece in earned media for big brands. When scaled to Fan Pages with one million Fans, that equates to $3.6 million annually — and Vitrue says that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As more brands and companies start to make real investments in social media, having a handle on what kind of value various platforms can offer becomes extremely important. After all, why invest in something if you aren’t going to get anything back?

Vitrue manages more than …
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Famitsu Alpha Menu Article Translated

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some new screens but mostly the same info. one interesting tidbit, however.
You can use this to set the actions you’ve learned onto your action menu. By choosing an empty slot in your action menu, a list of your learned skills will open. Choose from that list and your action is set. (Caption: Each move had an “Action cost.” The total action cost of all your moves together had to be within 20. This may change later.)

this may have been a mistranslation, since we have already heard that there is room 20 20 actions on

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Here's The Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Tester Guide [Rumor]

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Manual from the Alpha leaked here. stuf at the start is old hat, but as you get down thru it, there is some new info! Enjoy.

Here's The Final Fantasy XIV Alpha Tester Guide Upset that you aren’t in the alpha test for the second Final Fantasy MMO? We’ve got what looks to be a chunk of the Final Fantasy XIV alpha tester handbook and some videos to help you pretend you’re in it.

A player posting on the FFXIV Journey blog over at Blogspot is documenting his entire journey through the lands of Eorzea, documenting it through screens, some videos, and this huge instructional …
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4Gamer Alpha Article Translated

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Not a lot of new info, but there are some more Screen caps of gameplay and scenes

4Gamer had a article published recently which has some information from the Final Fantasy XIV alpha. It has most of the information which we’ve previously posted in it, so there’s not a lot of news, but after talking with SteveManly he have translated it and the result can be seen below! Enjoy.

Character Creation: To Limsa Lominsa!
All races except Miqo’te are present in the character creation. A few of the gender/tribe combinations were also unplayable, but you could give …
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