File Plants Vs. Zombies Lawn Ornaments Under ‘Future ThinkGeek Product’

Yet another thing for my “time consuming addiction” file.

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Plants Vs. Zombies lawn ornaments, the lawn gnome for the PopCap Games era, as seen on BoingBoing. Thanks, Rebecca!

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Behold, the Nexus One car dock… and no, you still can't buy it (update: oh, yes you can!)

Shared by Andrew

Nice! I hope they make one for my phone soon.

Mind you, this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse at Google’s first-party car dock for the Nexus One; it got teased briefly back in February in the course of the phone’s video docu-mercial series, yet we’re well into the Spring months here and you still won’t find any mounted on windshields. We’re honestly not so sure how it can take four solid months for two corporate heavyweights — Google and HTC, with a combined market cap of around $200 billion — to put something like …
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How to Fix the iPad's Wi-Fi Issues [Apple]

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This is only happening because people refuse to replace all wifi routers with Apple routers.

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While we didn’t experience any troubles when we tested the iPad’s Wi-Fi, some owners are having difficulties connecting and reconnecting to wireless networks. Apple confirmed that it’s aware of the issues and posted some suggestions on how to fix them: More »

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Can doctors refuse to treat patients based on their political beliefs?

Shared by Andrew

Sure… and we can refuse to issue licenses to practice medicine based on legal beliefs.

Incensed by the recent passage of health care reform, Florida physician Jack Cassell taped a sign to his office door advising Obama supporters to “seek urologic care elsewhere.” Cassell does not plan to quiz would-be patients on their views, but many bioethicists believe he crossed the line of professional conduct. His actions raise the question: Can doctors refuse to treat patients based on their political ideology?

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Florida – Health care – Politics – United States – Barack Obama

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Magical Messi has Gunners clutching at thin air

Shared by Andrew

I don’t understand this. Do any of you?

Cesc Fábregas. OUT. William Gallas. OUT. Robin van Persie. OUT. Andrey Arshavin. EXHAUSTED AFTER CHEWING GUM. Yes sir, injury-ravaged Arsenal have it all to do tonight at the home of the reigning European champions.

Having said that, there is hope. The New Pele (Previously Trading Under The Names Galoot, Oaf and Zlatan Ibrahimovic) is out injured; Lionel Messi hasn’t scored a hat-trick for 15 days; and with Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique both suspended, Rafa Márquez – who has the turning circle of the 11.27 from London Kings Cross …
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