Famitsu April 22nd Issue: Alpha Test Sneak Peek

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FFxiv More of the same with less pictures.

I’ll just put this up here for now and add some scans later. This translation about Famitsu’s alpha test was brought to you by Aya! Don’t forget to check out the Gobbie Bag post and our translation of Famitsu’s website article!

Alpha Test Sneak Peek!

Alpha test as well as Beta test is operated to improve the product and strengthen the stability of the service. This article will focus on the Alpha test to study the fundamental parts of Final Fantasy XIV!

Character Making which could Take you Whole Day to Decide!

Many aspects are still not set for character making, however, there are many variations already made for the Alpha test. You can choose from types of faces, skin tones, hair style, and the size of body, and you can also choose minute details such as “meshes” of the colors in the hair. Moreover, factors besides facial appearance such as voice can be customized.

To start with, you have to select your race. Once your character is made, you can choose class, birthday, and your guardian deity. I wonder what changes the guardian deity will bring around in the game. Then you decide your character’s name. You can make surname and first name.

Seamless fields and instanced areas

One step out of town, there are whole fields where adventures happen. In FFXIV, area changes are done through a seamless system, which doesn’t have loading time while you move to different areas. This way, you can move smoothly when you go out of town or go to another area in the field. This gives you the impression that the world is huge and connected. Also, they are working on a way to make BGM switches sound really natural.

There is one more feature about FFXIV: instanced areas. An instanced area is a private place which is automatically made during events in towns. Only you and your party members can go there. Therefore, you can enjoy cut scenes apart from noises or crowdedness of the town.

Battle experience in Guildleves

You can get “Guildleves,” which are like quests in other RPGs, at adventurers’ Guilds. Contents of Guildleves are different depending on each adventure, and you can do it by yourself or you can invite other adventurers. First, you have to go to the Aetheryte mentioned in the guildleve. If it is an Aetheryte you have been to before, you can use the “teleportation” function and warp there.

Most of Guildleves involve some fighting. Let’s check out the battle system of FFXIV in the Alpha test briefly.

Battle system: Commands

  • 1. Target the enemy

    Select the enemy you want to attack. Pressing L3 button to lock onto the target will make it easier to keep it in your sights.

  • 2. Draw your weapon

    Select the sword icon and press the circle button, or press R1. Then you are in “active mode”.

  • 3. Select the icon of which command you want to use

    The gauges below the icons indicate the time needed to use them again.

  • 4. The action gauge charges

    You can operate commands when the action gauge is saved up. You can wait for the effect gauge to charge further to make it more effective.

  • 5. Manage effect gauge to adjust the effect

    You can activate commands right away or you can save up the effect gauge, which makes commands stronger. Since the gauge is moving constantly, the timing is also very important.

Supports for moving around conveniently

The base of adventure, Aetheryte, is not only in the field but also in towns. The latter ones can not be used to start Guildleves, but function as warp point for teleporting. Every player can use teleportation from the beginning of the game. Also, there is a system called “Warp.” This takes you back to the last Aetheryte you have been to. Those settings make adventures more convenient.

Free growth system

In FFXIV, levels are called “physical levels.” Points you acquire during battles can be put into HP, MP, strength, intelligence, and other stats. You can choose one of them and specialize it. For instance, you can just focus on strength, or you can try to balance all of them. So, how characters grow is totally up to you. This system should give rise to a lot of originality.

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