Pill Bottle Survival Kit Packs the Bare Essentials

Just the sort of thing to tuck away into a purse, commuter bag or other luggage until you need it.

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Russian Solution to Cycling and Zombie Right-of-Way

Admittedly, I’m not sure how popular cycling will be once the (inevitable) Zombie Apocalypse arrives, but this is one Russian cyclist who will be prepared.

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Valuable Climate Change Data From Ancient Books

From Chinese astronomers, to Medieval monks to Arabic scholars, humans have always known the world is changing around them and by studying those changes they might be able to understand and predict how best to weather (literally, in this case) those changes. Glad to see that scholastic tradition continue, particularly in an age of denial and outright lies.

LordHarris/CC BY-SA 3.0

When it comes to producing definitive proof of climate change, one limitation is the lack of data about past weather conditions. In a newly published study in the journal Weather, Spanish scientists turned to an unexpected source for …
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Gorgeous Design Meets Iron

Mystech:  This may, in fact, be the loveliest iron I have ever seen in my life.

The 360 Iron is the result of an exploration into the evolution of the common iron and a representation of key improvements made to an appliance that has otherwise experienced minimal change over the years. The design revolves around a flexible, ergonomic joint that transfers twisting of the wrist to the iron itself thereby reducing hand-strain. A touch-screen display replaces complex dials and buttons adding to its intuitiveness and overall easy of use.

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Create Instant Screen Control and File Copying Across the Mac / Windows Divide

Mystech:  Although most of the time a well configured network can do the trick, if you one one machine or the other and find yourself interfacing with other system frequently and don’t want the hassle of shuffling thumb drives back and forth, this clever little gadget may have your name all over it. 

The Wormhole Switch from company J5Create does something most of us simply assumed couldn’t be done: easily transferring files between PCs and Macs. No need for a network, no need for drivers or to screw around with settings. You simply plug one end of the Wormhole …
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