Middle Ages Security Meets Information Age Storage

Encryption? Password Protected? Tamperproof?  Probably not, but the wax seal does have a lot of style.  Perhaps this is how they move files around at the RennFest.  😉


The TopSecret USB can be fully customized according to your wishes. Change the color of the stamp and change the letter on the stamp. Your USB will be hand-customized by Studio her-berg.


This porcelain usb stick with classic wax seal is a combination of forgone times and the present. Porcelain is an honorable commodity but is delicate at the same time and should therefore be carefully used. This is why the material of the product is connected to the concept; “Personal information is fragile! So handle with care.”.

Top Secret Custom

The TopSecret USB is the outcome of a remarkable partnership between Rob Hermes and Marlies Romberg. Two young Dutch designers who in their work are looking for great combinations between the old and the new. The couple uses pure craftsmanship and are always working towards perfection.

Via Top Secret USB

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