Middle Ages Security Meets Information Age Storage

Encryption? Password Protected? Tamperproof?  Probably not, but the wax seal does have a lot of style.  Perhaps this is how they move files around at the RennFest.  😉


The TopSecret USB can be fully customized according to your wishes. Change the color of the stamp and change the letter on the stamp. Your USB will be hand-customized by Studio her-berg.

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Wax Casting Recyclable Tableware On-Demand

Quite a step above the paper and plastic temporary tableware we often drag out and promptly stuff into the nearest trash receptacle. In a truly clever and inspired design, one core set of tableware becomes the mold for as many additional pieces as you need (assuming you have enough wax). When you’re done, just melt them back down and store the wax for use again later.

Meltware has three stoneware pieces — a spoon, a bowl, and a carafe — that double as molds for extending your set. You make the rest of the collection using Carnauba wax, a super-hard, …
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