Stylish Marina Living in Total Comfort

I’ve know a few “live-aboards” in my life and they vary greatly. Some are real blue water sailors just laying over for a while, others are basically just “camping” and others are living quite well in their floating homes.  But this floating home from Rieul-Useful is on a completely different level.  It combines boat house, tiny home movement and stylish studio in a really stunning home.

Not so much a yacht as it is a floating home, the Rieul-Useful provides luxurious accommodations from the comfort of the marina. The second floor consists of two bedrooms, an entertainment lounge and complete kitchen but the really special part is what’s underneath- the S-shaped design features a private dock on the first floor with space for a single hull yacht up to 15m long, giving yacht owners access to their own private amenities versus sharing facilities with a large yacht community.

Via Yacht Design


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