Dog Trainer Leash Alarm

As the co-human of a dog that occasionally forgets he is wearing a leash, I think this is a great idea… however, it has better be chew-proof.

Simply attach this training aid between your dog’s leash and collar, and walk him as usual. When he pulls on the leash, a brief, high-pitched whistle reinforces your verbal command to “stop.” Unacceptable behavior usually ceases within 2-3 days. Safe, non-electric, and effective for any size or breed of dog.

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Swim Like a Fish on a Line

Sure, at first glance it might look like someone has gone fishing for Olympic swimmer, but what this device supposedly does is allows you to create an “infinite” swim in an otherwise regular pool.  It seems like a cheap alternative to current driven models and the manufacturer even has a video (after the cut).

The Bowswim ® Resistance Swimming System transforms your pool or swim spa into an impact-free training environment. This exercise machine is an easy-to-use, comfortable, and safe way to achieve an invigorating full-body workout.

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