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Finally, some news that is important to us all. Irrefutable proof that sex, does indeed, sell… eventually.

Sex sells. Sometimes for a lot more than its asking price. Take the domain, which sold this week for a whopping $13 million, after being put up on the auction block, black in July.

The site was purchased by Clover Holdings, which The BBC describes as “an obscure company” from the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. has had a number of different owners since it was registered by founder Gary Kremen.

At one point, Kremen lost the domain to Stephen Cohen, who was eventually fined $65 million and given a prison sentence for taking the domain. Kremen got the site back in 1996 and later sold it.

$13 million isn’t quite the highest price ever paid for a domain–that honor belongs to, which was sold to a marketing firm for $16 million in 1992. It may not even be the highest amount paid for–Escom reportedly purchased the domain for upwards of $14 million in 2006.

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