Minimize the Toy, Maximize the Imagination

I’m a firm believer that children’s toys should meet the imagination halfway, empowering creativity and exploration, rather than present entertainment. In a similar vein, Kukkia’s “Machi” is a simple, minimalist set that allows children to create freeplay creations.


Kukkia means ‘to bloom’ in Finnish and ‘kuki’ means stem in Japanese. The focus of their products is to provide children with tactile and vividly-colored shapes that are both fun and visually stimulating. They want kids to get involved and to use their imaginations to create, change and re-invent how toys are played with.

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Raising the Bar on Fetch With Fido

If you’ve ever had the pleasure (maybe) of playing fetch with a Jack Russell or other breed of boundless energy, you know it is a losing battle for all but the most enthusiastic human.  Hyperpet may level the playing field though, with its K-9 Kannon Ball Launcher…

K-9 Kannon

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Lego Insect Evolution

I always preferred the “freeform” Lego sets more than the “kits”, but these insect hacks made from all sort of specialized parts and techniques are very impressive.


Lots of inspiration was taken from various builders as battle bugs and lego insects have often been explored. I tried to tag a few key people in the evolution and inspiration of our lego bugs Doctor Mobius, Lino M, ROOK, and Sir Nadroj. Thanks so much for paving the way! If you are a Lego bug fan, take some time to check out their photostreams!

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Build Your Child An Amazing Craft Center For $50

Attractive and organized, this center looks like just the thing for striking a balance between letting a child explore their creativity while keeping housecleaning parents sane.

DIY Craft Station for Kids

“I’m cur­rently in the process of set­ting up a new craft stu­dio to cor­ral all of the projects that have slowly begun to take over our house. The inten­tion was to cre­ate a space for “mommy’s projects,” but it quickly caught the inter­est of my lit­tle ones. What could be cooler than a room filled with art supplies?”

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Clever Low Tech Shadow in the Woods Game

I adore the vintage, simplicity and, frankly, creepy charm of this game.

Shadows in the Woods – Deluxe by Kraul is a board game with a difference, possessing elements of hide and seek, and based on principles of co-operation. It is an atmospheric game to be played in a darkened room, as the dwarves try to remain in the shadows of the trees. The magical power threatening the dwarves is represented by a tealight.

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