Space Saving Laptop Hammock “Dock” on the Cheap

Clear off some valuable desk space with this DIY hammock that hangs your laptop off the edge of your desk for just a few bucks.  I’d be tempted to modify it a bit to make the laptop a bit more secure, but it is definitely an idea that has a lot of merit. Video after the cut.

DIY: Make your own laptop hammock, for a dollar

I wanted my laptop off my desk. I still wanted it within reach to use as my primary computer and able to power the external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Unfortunately, my desk is not very big. An extra shelf for the computer seemed like an inelegant solution. My desk is basically a table, so I decided I could hang the notebook off one end in something. And one afternoon, I devised this laptop hammock.


Get more details and full story at Ars Technica.

2 Comments on “Space Saving Laptop Hammock “Dock” on the Cheap

  1. This screams to me “blocked air vents”.

  2. That’s an excellent point. On many laptops the air vents are on the back side where the hinge is found, so I would definitely take care to make sure I placed a laptop with the air vents “up” (towards the open end of the hammock). In the case of laptops with side vents, the fact that the laptop should extend past the edges of the hammock should keep them unobstructed.

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