Tiny Transformer For Your USB Storage Needs

On one hand, as a Transformer fan from way back, I love seeing neat toys, themed technology but on the other hand… Ravage was one of the bad guys and really can’t be trusted lurking around your USB ports.  😉

Not the original, but exquisitely re-produced transformer 32 GB flash drive. It transforms from flash drive to leopard in seconds. See picture for the incredible display. This is a premium drive features true capacity and reliable storage. Customer’s satisfaction is assured with 14 days return money back guarantee and a one year replacement warranty. We are dedicated to fast …
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Middle Ages Security Meets Information Age Storage

Encryption? Password Protected? Tamperproof?  Probably not, but the wax seal does have a lot of style.  Perhaps this is how they move files around at the RennFest.  😉


The TopSecret USB can be fully customized according to your wishes. Change the color of the stamp and change the letter on the stamp. Your USB will be hand-customized by Studio her-berg.

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Message in a Bottle Thumbdrive

Perhaps the modern equivalent of a message in a bottle, this cork mounted thumbdrive fits into a small glass bottle. Striking and simple.

hum blank

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