NetDock Has What Your Netbook Lacks

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So close, guys. If you’d put a video port on this thing for an external monitor, you would have had a real winner here.

AegisNetDock.jpgThere are a few trade-offs in getting a netbook or ultraportable notebook, but the Apricorn Aegis NetDock has it all covered. This compact $189 package includes 500GB of storage, a dual-layer DVD burner, and a four-port USB hub. All that with a footprint no bigger than a stapler. If you want the portability of a netbook but are tired of the limited storage or lack of an optical drive, this is for you.

The NetDock comes in candy-red for visual flair. It also ships with synchronization software so you can keep all your data backed up. It turns on automatically when connected to your netbook and shuts down by itself when not in use. If you ever need to add more storage, the easy open enclosure lets you change the hard drive in no time. You can also buy the NetDock without a hard drive for $89.

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