Ultimate Storage Sofa

As practical as this may seem, I’ve been informed by my partner that under no circumstance can I have this monstrosity in “our” home.  Ah well.


Very cool-looking contraption in the Eastpak Sofa, a bizarre piece of furniture that packs more storage space than you ever thought possible into one three- or four-seater that would look just as good in your living room as it would in a shop, den, or man-cave.

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Tear Off Paper Thumbdrives?

Has the cost of flash memory really dropped to the point where we can (or want) to be dumping them like this?  If memory serves, when CD/DVD dropped to this point, it was the sign that the writing was on the wall for that format.  At least with normal thumb drives they are reasonably durable and reusable.

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“Edgy” Modern Bookshelves

I’m not sure this is the best way to store books, but it certainly is an attractive design choice.

An Interesting Way to Store Books: Bookshelf Tower and Divider by Marica Vizzuso

Young Italian designer Marica Vizzuso has designed B-OK, a space-saving alternative to the usual bookshelf. Vizzuso asks, “Why do you place books in a conventional way when you can have both an amusing and aesthetically interesting alternative?” The shelving system is constructed like a giant tower, yet unfolds into a room divider. Instead of stacking books side-by-side, you pile books on top of one another into a variety of slots.

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Ditch the Purse With Secret Compartment Shoes

So the chunky heel things is not a look I can pull off, GRIN.  But I know several people that swear by them and why not get some functionality out of that form.

the checkmate Double Agent Shoes have secret compartments

Secret compartment included in both shoes in the pair.  The compartment has plenty of space to store various items inside.

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Tiny Transformer For Your USB Storage Needs

On one hand, as a Transformer fan from way back, I love seeing neat toys, themed technology but on the other hand… Ravage was one of the bad guys and really can’t be trusted lurking around your USB ports.  😉

Not the original, but exquisitely re-produced transformer 32 GB flash drive. It transforms from flash drive to leopard in seconds. See picture for the incredible display. This is a premium drive features true capacity and reliable storage. Customer’s satisfaction is assured with 14 days return money back guarantee and a one year replacement warranty. We are dedicated to fast …
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