Ditch the Purse With Secret Compartment Shoes

So the chunky heel things is not a look I can pull off, GRIN.  But I know several people that swear by them and why not get some functionality out of that form.

the checkmate Double Agent Shoes have secret compartments

Secret compartment included in both shoes in the pair.  The compartment has plenty of space to store various items inside.

The compartment size does not vary from style to style; however, it does vary slightly depending upon the size of the shoe. We have attached an image of the dimensions with respect to a size 8.  The shoes are able to comfortably hold many standard items (regardless of the shoe size) such as credit cards, IDs, keys, tampons, cash, makeup, pepper-spray, other miscellaneous small items, etc.  Due to the shape of the compartment, however, it cannot hold a full-size wallet or smart-phone.

Shoe Cavity Demo


Via DoubleAgent Shoes

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